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New Aikatsu OP and ED

As prophesied on twitter, new OP and ED is released!


Great animation quality, huge jump from OP1. Since style is familiar imma have to check who the animation director is. Signalize grew on me but this definitely feels more appropriate for a children’s idol show.



Sounded like Working!! for a second there. I love the ♪ 熱く確かな世界 動く始めた~ そうだ私の世界 ♫ line. ♥


I always wondered why they didn’t use Idol Katsudou as the first OP song and instead opted to use Signalize. Since I didn’t follow Aikatsu news at the early stages I don’t know many details. Idol Katsudou still feels more appropriate, however Diamond Happy is great too.




Sakura’s signature song is fantastic (STAR☆ANIS is skilled at this) and furthers the count of multiple musical genres used in Aikatsu. I mean, this isn’t the only idol show featuring different musical genres but with Aikatsu’s brand and coord distinction it all really adds to the personal flavor of each character. Are we going to get Enka at some time.




Can’t wait to see the Aurora Fantasy premium rare coord. I’m assuming it’s the one with the fairy wings on the official site.




Notice Sakura adopts a floral “cute” aura at 20:18 in the episode. Would be really adorable♥ if she purposefully adopted the gentle aura because of Ichigo but it’s more likely due to the coord (the flowers are different). Aurora Fantasy is also inherently cute like Angely Sugar, as indicated by the background during the transformation scene if you could call it that.




The ending song is nice too but it’s the visuals that rock the most. The chibis from ED1 return, this time featuring the entire main cast! (Johnny doesn’t count)